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1. Angeles City

Economy klasse € 300.00

Price per person minimum booking for 2 persons

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Visit the huge cross and have a wonderful view over the former battlefield and Manila Bay




During the early stages of the Pacific war, Bataan became an international symbol of valor and resistance, as American-Filipino forces, under General Douglas Mac Arthur, displayed unsurpassed gallantry in a brave, but ultimately futile, bid to resist the onslaught of the Japanese invaders. After the surrender on April 9, 1942, thousands subsequently died on the infamous “Death March” from Mariveles to Capas, Tarlac.


Historical markers erected in memory of this conflict which include the shrine of valor atop Mt. Samat, the Fall of Bataan and Surrender Site Markers at Balanga, the Death March Marker at Orani, the first Line of Defense Marker at Dinalupihan and the Democracy Marker at the Bataan –Pampanga border. The Philippines – Japanese Friendship Tower was erected after the war to symbolize reconciliation, peace and friendship.Veteran organization are once a year organizing in remembrance and honor for those who fought and those who made the ultimate sacrifice by waking the same road as the death march of 1942.


We drive through the lahar fields of Mount Pinatubo over Porac and Dinalupihan to the statue of the First Defense Line Marker as remembrance of the ones who fought here and made the ultimate sacrifice. We drive to Mt. Samat and visit the impressive Cross and museum. Here we can see many pictures collected out of that heroic period of time.

We enjoy and relax at the Sibul Spring. On our way we visit the Death March Marker. Through the Lahar fields we drive back to Angeles City/ Manila or Olongapo. In this tour lunch and dinner are included.


 Homma, Masaharu (1888 - 1946)

Japanese General Homma spent most of his military career in intelligence duties and had little experience of field command. He unwisely boasted and could complete the invasion of the Philippine Islands in 1941 within 45 days. MacArthur withdrew into the Bataan Peninsula, prolonging the defense considerably, and Homma was reprimanded and replaced in all but named by General Yamashita Homma and was recalled to Japan and held administrative posts for the rest of the war. He was arrested by US troops in September of 1945, then tried for his part in the 'Bataan Death March', and executed in Manila in 1946.



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