WOW Philippines#13;


Office: Dungca Village 6-18, Pulung Cacutud 2009 Angeles City  (Philippines)
Phone Philippines: +63
915 913 9990          Phone Switzerland:  +41 76 425 0518
Webpage:       E-mail:   info@


1. Angeles City


Our price includes insurance, fuel charge and 12% VAT. And you are just to pay the Airport tax (2$ - 5$).

The price in the Philippines gets easily change anytime while on us we do give a minimum rate however we don't give a warranty that you can get this kind of price. After booking that's the time that we can give you the exact price.

Also the departure and the arrival time can change and we give you one week before you fly on the exact time. The baggage limit is different here in the Philippines look at our list.

Then we can make a correct booking. What we need from you is the exact name and first name, the best is you give us the information from your passport.




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